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Steamed Shark’s Head

Famous Steamed Shark’s Head in Singapore

From chilli crab to frog porridge, Singapore clearly has no lack of amazing delicacies on offer. One other local must-try is the famous steamed shark’s head. Said to be one of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain’s favourites, this dish is not actually made using shark meat, but rather a common shovelnose ray or guitarfish, which are plentiful in Singapore waters.

To create the chewy texture of Steamed shark’s head, first brush the head (upper jaw of the fish) with a soy-based sauce consisting of oil, garlic and ginger. Place the marinated fish head on a porcelain dish, and let it steam for 15-20 minutes in a bamboo steamer. Garnish the steamed shark’s head with leftover sauce, chives, chilli and other spices. The result? An opaque, gelatinous dish that melts in the mouth and bursts with tangy textures.

If you’re craving for authentic steamed shark’s head, pay a visit to G7 Sinma Live Seafood Restaurant. As the home of the best seafood in Geylang, you can find a selection of culinary delights that are uniquely Singaporean, including the aforementioned best chilli crab and frog porridge. Make your reservation now by calling 6848 4161!

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