G7 Live Seafood Restaurant

Best Seafood
and Frog Porridge Restaurant in Singapore

Situated along the vibrant Geylang Road in Singapore, G7 Live Seafood and Frog Porridge Restaurant has earned its reputation as a crowd favourite and one of the best seafood restaurants in the area. From a humble bowl of flavourful frog porridge, G7 has expanded its menu to include a wide variety of premium seafood and zi char dishes. At G7, we pride ourselves on offering a seafood experience like no other. Choose from an impressive array of the freshest catches, meticulously prepared to your liking.

If you are night owl or supper lover, you would be happy to know that G7 opens daily till late at night. If you require a private premise for an event, rest assured that our two-storey restaurant offers an exclusive seating area on the second floor too.

Whether you are a local foodie or tourist, we warmly welcome you to G7 Live Seafood & Frog Porridge Restaurant!