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Black Pepper Crab

Black Pepper Crab in Singapore

Whatever the time of day, month or year, black pepper crab in Singapore never goes out of season. Prepare to get your hands dirty by diving into this mouthwatering dish that is popular and much beloved not only by locals but tourists from around the world. Bursting with flavor and a spicy personality, you will definitely get a real kick out of this chilli crab with a twist.

While known to have originated from Singapore, the black pepper crab oozes a fusion of flavors from Southeast Asian roots. The sauce is typically made by sautéing butter, garlic, shallots, crushed black and white pepper and seasonings, mixing in oyster sauce and soy sauce, and topped with cilantro or curry leaves. Some recipes also add fermented soybean and jackfruit sauce to zest up the taste and bring balance to the dish’s spiciness.

True to its name, the black pepper crab has a spicy and “peppery” taste. Compared to the chili crab, another must-try delicacy in The Lion City, this dish is spicier and more complex. Because the crab is cooked separately from the sauce, the meat is also drier yet still noticeably sweet enough to compliment the heat from the peppercorns, spices and seasonings.

Best Black Pepper Crab in Singapore

If you want to experience the best dish that Singapore can offer, or just simply craving for seafood, G7 Sinma Live Seafood Restaurant’s black pepper crab is exactly what you’re looking for. Our dish is made from the freshest ingredients and skilled chefs. From our seafood selections to our service, you will definitely not be disappointed.

Catch the best black pepper crab in Singapore and pair it with our other chef recommendations like frog leg porridge. Come visit us now! For reservations, call 6848-4161.

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