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Drunken Prawns

Authentic Drunken Prawns in Singapore

You haven’t fully experienced authentic Chinese cuisine until you’ve tried drunken prawns. A must-try for tourists visiting Singapore, this mouth-watering dish will definitely keep you coming back for more. Pair it with an equally scrumptious chilli crab and you are guaranteed a flavourful treat for the tummy and taste buds, with each bite bursting with umami!

The best part about drunken prawns is perhaps its rich, savoury taste. Plus, it can be enjoyed anywhere, whether in a world-class seafood restaurant or a regular hawker stall, or from the comforts of your home.

Originally, drunken prawns was prepared by marinating freshly-caught shrimps in wine, then eaten raw. Though the tradition still exists today, many now much prefer thoroughly cooking seafood first to avoid known food-borne infections.

Nowadays, you can prepare drunken prawns by first dunking live prawns in a pot full of liquor or cooking wine until they are “drunk” (fully seasoned), then either setting the pot to boil or frying the shrimps. Allow the dish to cool before serving. The cooking process is pretty simple and straightforward, and you can experiment with the flavours of your marinade for a more varied taste. Tip: Try boiling your prawns in a pot seasoned with ginger and onions before marinating them in wine.

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