G7 Live Seafood Restaurant


Chilli Crab

Chilli crab traces its humble origins back to the 1950s. Since then, it has been hailed as one of Singapore’s national dishes that is available on all seafood menus across Singapore, from hawker stalls to fine dining restaurants. Chilli Crab is a definite favourite amongst both locals and tourists, and it is easy to see why: the crab’s moist and distinctly sweet meat is stir-fried in a thick, savoury sauce made from a blend of chilli paste, tomatoes, and eggs. Chilli Crab in Singapore strikes the perfect balance between sweet and spicy. G7 Live Seafood Restaurant's iconic and affordable chilli crab is a must-try especially when accompanied with our mantou (deep-fried bun) on the side.

Black Pepper Crab

No matter the day, month, or year, Black Pepper Crab in Singapore never goes out of season. Prepare to get your hands dirty by digging into this popular and mouthwatering dish that is beloved by locals and tourists. Known to have originated from Singapore, the Black Pepper Crab boasts a fusion of flavours rooted in Southeast Asia. As its name suggests, the dish has a spicy and “peppery” taste. Compared to the chilli crab, another must-try delicacy in The Lion City, this dish is spicier and more complex.